Consultoria Financeira Para sua empresa

We are a reference in the preparation of financial projects, data analysis and market studies. We offer a personalized advice, independent and objective which further contributes to decision-making, making them increasingly effective. 
Faster information, cost reduction, increased productivity, clarity, cash flow predictability and financial security are some of the results we can generate.


Financial BPO


We act in an integrated way in all financial management of the company, aiming to generate information faster, increase team productivity and data reliability. We optimize the management of accounts payable and receivable, accounting reconciliation, we generate reports and analysis of results for strategic decision making. 

Advisory Projects


We have experience in preparation of financial projects, data analysis and market studies, offering a personalized advice, independent, objective and that contributes to better decision making.



Financial BPO



Control, planning and predictability of the company's cash flow. Application and use of ERP systems integrated with bank reconciliation, feeding reports to control accounts payable and receivable.


The treasury service improves cash flow management through the assertive classification of account entries, routine definition, financial processes and cash monitoring. Besides eliminate the need to go through employee hiring and training processes. 

  • Daily cash flow planning
  • Control of accounts payable and accounts receivable
  • Bank launch and reconciliation
  • Real-time data visualization
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FP&A (financial planning and analysis)


Budgeting and monitoring of the financial performance of the business, analyzing all existing deviations between expected and achieved results. Issuance of management reports, periodic presentations and intelligent dashboards (Power BI).


The FP&A service improves business management by increasing transparency and providing information for better decision-making. The work is carried out by highly qualified analysts, guaranteeing the reliability of the numbers and quick response times at the most accessible prices.

  • Account plan creation
  • Budget and forecast structuring
  • Analysis and reports
  • Financial modeling
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CFO as a Service


Evaluation and analysis of the generated indicators. Participation in meetings with the board of directors, with a view to proposing strategies and measures to achieve better results.

A CFO as a Service improve business management adding to expertise of a financial director, avoiding the hiring of an exclusive professional. The work consists of translating the numbers generated by FP&A into strategic action plans, in order to add value to the company. 

  • Mapping of improvement points
  • Analysis of indicators and financial results
  • Elaboration of strategic plans
  • Business and industry analysis
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Advisory Projects

Financial advisory


In Financial Modeling projections are made that translate numerically a anatomia do negócio.

  • Valuation
  • Corporate reorganization
  • Fusions and acquisitions
  • Bids for concessions and public/private partnerships
  • Fundraising via debentures and financing
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Business Intelligence


It covers all the steps from the survey of operational data to the analysis of information that support business management.

  • Business plan
  • Market research
  • Data analysis
  • Pricing of products and services
  • Sheets and dashboards (vba, macros and power bi)
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Paulo Cesena - Conselheiro Vports e Rede Bahia

“Something I've always admired in your work is the combination of speed, readiness, depth, especially the availability of very powerful tools for investment analysis for decision-making, with great flexibility for purposes of different sensitivity analyses, great precision. I always recommend it, I think you are very strong in terms of economic and financial modeling, providing tools for quick decision-making by managers and investors in different possible business scenarios.”

Leandro Dantas - CCO

Crescento's differential is really being concerned with the analysis of assumptions and results. The critical capacity that the team has and the way it reflects in the business plan goes far beyond the delivery of a beautiful model.

Laila Barbosa - CEO

“Trabalhamos com a Crescento há alguns anos. Desde o início da Startup, quando estávamos validando o MVP e testando o modelo de negócio, a Crescento esteve presente nos apoiando nessa construção. Estiveram presentes em cada etapa da nossa jornada, do MVP ao fundraising, sempre trabalhando com excelência e agregando com visão de sócio. Hoje enxergo a equipe como parte do negócio. Entrego nosso financeiro na mão deles e não me preocupo.”

Douglas Peter - CEO

“The Crescento team played a key role in making our strategic planning tangible. They delved into our business, carefully surveyed market data and were generous in the exchanges we had during the months we developed the Business Plan. Together we built a robust document that will guide the company in the coming years.”

Elias Netto - CEO

“Crescento is an integral part of Vila Saudosa, they always position themselves as owners by subsidizing decision-making with critical and thoughtful analyzes of our numbers and the market.”

Anselmo Soares - CFO

“Crescento is a great business partner. With emphasis on the fact that they have a lot of agility, a lot of flexibility and quality in the delivery of work, this tripod is essential for us to tackle new projects and take on new challenges together.”

Karin Karling

“Todas as relações que a gente teve sempre foram de comprometimento e responsabilidade. Sempre tive em mente ‘Vão realmente me ajudar no objetivo que eu quero e não me deixarão na mão’”.

Natália Cunha - COO

“We were referred to Crescento to strategically guide and support our financial decisions. With a lot of synergy, partnership, quality, commitment, ease and agility, the advisory quickly became our finance and part of our team. Honestly, it is very pleasant, challenging and satisfying to work with Crescento.”

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