Consultoria Financeira Para Pessoas

We offer a customized personal finance planning service that helps you make financial decisions aimed at your short, medium and long-term goals. 


We act as an investment consultancy and, through a personalized service, which takes into account factors that go beyond just numbers, we analyze your investor profile, your risk tolerance, your particularities and we recommend an individual wallet that makes sense for you, your values and plans.

Investment Management


Our work initially involves an analysis of the client's assets, offering an overview of their investments. Posteriorly, we recommend a portfolio suited to your risk profile , combining objectives and restrictions. 

We also monitor the portfolio, monitoring market movements and portfolio performance, suggesting possible changes in line with changes in the client's life and variations in the economic scenario. We work with monthly or quarterly services. 

  • Survey of all financial investments and information about the client's profile.
  • Elaboration of report with detailed diagnosis of your current portfolio.
  • Meeting to present the diagnosis and explain the suggested actions.
  • Assembly of the final version of the portfolio based on the collected information.
  • Assistance in resource allocation.
  • Market and performance monitoring.
  • Preparation and submission of periodic reports.
  • Follow-up meetings.
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Financial Planning


Financial planning is a personal organization tool that allows bringing reality into numbers. 


By collecting information about the financial life of the client, we carry out the projections and creation of scenarios for the future, according to the demands of each client. 

  • Collecting the client's financial information to build a financial budget of their current life.
  • Definition of short, medium and long term goals.
  • Projection of revenue, costs, investments, financing and financial return over time
  • Elaboration of a spreadsheet with the result of projections and scenarios.
  • Goal setting for the desired goal.
  • Meeting to present the prepared project.
  • Follow-up of the planning carried out.
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Mariana, 41 years old - Investment management client for 5 years

“It's great to have Crescento by my side. I made a career change a few years ago and Crescento's work was fundamental in this respect. I needed to have competent and reliable people who could provide me with the necessary security to take my steps in a solo career. It wasn't easy, but the lightness, clarity and sincerity during the whole moment with me made all the difference. Talking about money is not always easy, but Crescento has treated this issue with great care and respect.”

Flávia, 54 years old - Planning and Investment Client for 2 years

“Crescent helped me to look at my life and assess how much I needed to save for a retirement in line with my lifestyle. With Crescento I learned to pay attention to where I could save money and where it was important for me to maintain my expenses in order to have a quality life. The strong points that I highlight is the human factor. In the regular meetings, I was attended with great care and patience to clarify several doubts that arose. And for the lightness with which they treat such complex information. I trust work for the transparency of talking about the challenges that exist in the financial world. It's not a road with clear signs, it's more like driving at night with fog in the mountains.”

Simone, 59 years old - Planning and Investment Client for 3 years

“Having found Crescento was very important for me to be able to organize myself financially and make my money work. Finance is not my field and I was helped with excellence! I feel very well supported by them, always very attentive to my demands. The work done with my money is excellent, they did everything they were recommended for. I am treated very humanely and uniquely in my needs. Still, it has something of an affection and a consideration that I think is very important.”

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